HyperDuino Mini Makerspace Starter Set

Not sure what to get if you're just setting up a makerspace with the HyperDuino?

This is a good starting set that will give you 6 HyperDuino+Funduino units, motors & servos, and 18 additional Project Sets with LEDs, touchpoints, LED and touchpoint rainbow cables, which is enough for 30 interactive maker projects. (The HyperDuinos would be shared between the projects, and materials can be re-used as desired).

The HyperDuino Mini Makerspace Starter Set includes:

   6 HyperDuino Starter Kits

18 HyperDuino Project Supply Sets

   6 Servos and motors

For a total of:

     6 HyperDuino boards

     6 Funduinos (Arduino Uno R3 equivalent) micro-controller

     6 USB cables

     6 Foam pads to insulate the underside of the Funduino

   60 LED rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables  (40, 50cm)

   30 Touch rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables

     6 2-conductor motor connecting wires

     6 3-conductor servo connecting wires

600 touchpoints

288 each Red, Green, Yellow, Blue LEDs (1152 total)

144 Multi-color flashing LEDs

    6 RGB LEDs

    6 Photocell (light) sensors

    6 Temperature sensors

    6 Active buzzers

    6 Pushbutton switches

    6 Hole-making tools for LEDs

    6 Small motors

    6 Servos

Retail Price: $799.00

Early Supporter & School Price: $599.00

Catalog #: 502