HyperDuino Supply Set 30-pack

Have a whole classroom, Scout group or birthday party making a bunch of interactive maker projects?

Buy in quantity and save!  The HyperDuino 30-pack comes with:

  60 LED rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables (40, 50cm)

  30 Touch sensor rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables

390 Red, Green, Yellow, Blue LEDs (1560 total)

180 Flashing color LEDs

750 Touchpoints

Retail Price: $395.00

Early Supporter & School Price: $295.00

Catalog #: 202

HyperDuino Supply Set 6-pack

The Re-Supply 6-pack comes with (surprise!) six sets:

12 LED Rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables (40, 50cm)

  6 Touchpoint Rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables

72 Red, Green, Blue LEDs (288 total)

36 Flashing color LEDs

150 Touchpoints

Retail Price: $79.00

Early Supporter Price & School: $59.00

Catalog #: 112


Single Project Supply Set

Ready to make another interactive maker project? This is the basic set of 3 rainbow ribbon easy connect/disconnect cables plus a full set of LEDs and touchpoints that provide what is used in the most common interactive maker projects using the HyperDuino.

  2 LED Rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables

  1 Touchpoint Rainbow ribbon easy-connect cable

12 Red, Green, Yellow, Blue LEDs (48 total)

  6 Flashing color LEDs

25 Touchpoints

Retail Price: $12.95

Early Supporter & School Price: $9.95

Catalog #: 106


Interactive Project Supplies

The cables, touchpoints and LEDs are reusable, but at some point, you may wish to purchase additional LEDs, touchpoints and cables.

The good news is that the HyperDuino has been specifically designed so that LEDs and the touchpoints (actually, they're earring backs!) can be found from many different sources, and at an affordable cost.  

Of course, we're happy to help you with your needs, but we think it will also be a good feeling to know that you can get compatible parts anywhere.

Here are a few examples:


The important part on LEDS for the sockets of the rainbow cables is that the legs of the LEDs have a thickness of 0.45mm or greater.   Some LEDs have legs that are approximately 0.37mm, and they are too loose when connected to the cables. However, here's a great set available on Amazon for just 3 cents per LED, and that we've verified have the correct thickness of the LED legs.

DiCUNO 450pcs(5 colors x 90pcs) 5mm LED Light Emitting Diode Round Assorted Color White/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue Kit Box

Available on Amazon for approximately $15.00

($0.03 per LED)


The touchpoints used in HyperDuino projects are actually earring backs.  They have the advantage of being readily available from multiple sources, don't have sharp points on the posts, and many have a little "notch" on the post that makes for an even more secure connection to the sockets on the rainbow cables.

We use the 6mm size, and you can find those and many others at Michael's Art Supply stores for about 5 cents each.

Bead Landing™ Silver Flat Post Earrings

$2.99 for 60 at Michael's

When attaching touchpoints to thin materials like paper or thin cardboard, using the earring clasps can make for a more secure connection, and still leave enough room for the socket.

Michaels also has the silicone rubber clasps for just $2.99 for 120!  You can also use scissors to cut down the clasp to expose a little more of the post for situations where the cardboard is a little thicker.  For foamcore and other thick materials, the clasp won't leave enough of the post exposed for the socket, but it's not usually a problem since at that point the thickness of the cardboard itself will secure the touchpoint post.

Bead Landing™ Plain Plastic Clear Earring Back

$2.99 for 170 at Michael's

Compare this price for LEDs ($0.03 each, 36 cents for a 12 LED project) to alternate systems like Hummingbird ($2.95 each - that would be about $35 for one project, 100x more expensive) or LittleBits ($7.95, about $95 for one project, 260x more expensive), or Chibitronics ($30 for 30 LEDs, about $12 for the project, 33x more expensive).