Ribbon Cables

Touch Sensor Ribbon Cables

These are used to connect touch sensors to the HyperDuino board. The sockets alternate black and white so that if you use the cable in the Analog or LED connector of the HyperDuino, black will signify the Ground (GND) connection.

Multi-Purpose Ribbon Cables

These cables are for connecting multiple different color LEDs or other 2-pin components.  


Package of 15, Catalog #402

Retail Price:  $45.00

School Price: $35.00

Package of 30, Catalog #403

Retail Price:  $90.00

School Price: $65.00




Package of 12, Catalog #412

Retail Price:  $36.00

School Price: $30.00

Package of 36, Catalog #413

Retail Price:  $99.00

School Price: $80.00



Package of 6, Catalog #411

Retail Price:  $18.00

School Price: $15.00


Package of 5, Catalog #401

Retail Price:  $15.00

School Price: $12.00

Compare the price for 6 LEDs ($0.42 each using this cable ) to alternate systems like Hummingbird ($2.95 each - that would be about $35 for one project, 7x more expensive) or LittleBits ($7.95, 19x more expensive).