Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

At its essence, Common Core is about a process, not about content.  For the English Language Arts (ELA) standards, that process has four major components:

*Reading & research of all media types

*Evaluation and analysis

*Thoughtful writing and synthesis of new ideas


HyperDuino projects can be used to support the Common Core standards in a very wide variety of ways by integrating a wide variety of media (text, sounds, graphics, video, animations, links to web-pages) and in a non-linear, hyperlinked environment. Because of this, in the many places in Common Core where it asks the student to compare and contrast, it can be a simple matter with the HyperDuino to set up examples from many different sources, and with different media types, right within the student project.

Common Core Standards That Are Supported by a HyperDuino project.

Rather than just list all the numbered sections, here is a way of finding the Common Core standards related to particular aspects of HyperStudio.  Click on any of the HyperDuino-related words below to see all the standards that use that term in their definition. For each of them, the HyperDuino is a great classroom tool that will enhance the learning process for that particular standard.



reflection (ELA)

graph (links to Google Sheets)






drawing (using Google Draw, for example)

visual displays





gather (an alternate word for research)