Below is a collection of example interactive maker projects created with the HyperDuino that have been posted on YouTube and Twitter.

Enhanced school projects with touch interactivity (no computer needed!)

Turn any school diorama or posterboard project into an interactive learning experience with the HyperDuino.  Use the HyperDuino touch sensors to light up LEDs in any model.

HyperDuino projects support national and state standards including NGSS, CCSS and many others.

Example Projects

Presentation Slides from Jamie Cable & Jennifer Calabretta, Bringing IT Together, Ontario, Canada.

Katie Morrow’s blog explaining the process:

4th grader (Drew Morrow) showing his Nebraska History project, an interactive football field (Huskers).  

What educators are saying about Interactive Maker Projects and the HyperDuino:

"My students have said this is the best thing they have ever learned and made at school. They can’t believe how easy it is too! I’ve been impressed with how quickly they pick up the functionality and features of the playlists and have been much better than me at knowing which wires connect which functions."

- T.S., 4th & 5th grade Montessori teacher, South Carolina

"I showed the display to my superintendent and he was quite impressed. The fusion of low and high tech. Physical computing and digital content creation. Accessible experience for teachers. I am going to be able to show it to a few teachers and I think it hits the "sweet spot" when it comes to being an accessible introduction to maker technology that teachers and kids, with a reasonable amount of effort, can use to create some very unique things)."

- D.S., Ontario, Canada

"HyperDuino!! AMAZING!!"

- A.T., Teacher, Corona, CA

"Heard squeals of delight at BringIT2016 learning about Roger Wagner's HyperDuino!"

- MJ. W., Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Ontario, Canada

"Just got my Hyperduino upgrade. Can't wait to play with it & put it in my makerspace."

- J.M., Library/Media Specialist,  Richmond, IN

Student-Made Interactive Ocean Floor Model and Video

Tim Swick's Montessori Upper Elementary Classroom

Add narrative videos and other web-based media to any physical student-made posterboard, diorama or model project

Amy Rosado's Kindergarten class with the HyperDuino

Anya's HyperDuino Project

Connect to any Chromebook, Mac or Windows laptop to link videos to projects

Connect with a USB cable and play videos and other Internet-based digital media when the touch sensor on an information card or other important part of the model is touched.

Easy to get started, endless possibilities for learning

The HyperDuino system is just a small module with a USB connection, and cables for 12 LEDs and touch sensors.  


Low threshold, High Ceiling...

Because the HyperDuino is based on the Arduino Uno, the learning opportunities are unlimited.  Go further with coding with block languages, explore electronics, or use the HyperDuino+R Robotics Kit to create robotic "smart cars" out of anything!