HyperDuino (version 2) Audio Narration

This is a version of the HyperDuino program that can play .mp3 or .wav files on a microSD card using a mp3 player module shown above, and which is available in the Audio Narration Add-On for the HyperDuino.

With HyperDuino_mp3 installed on the HyperDuino, each touch sensor will play one sound track when the sensor is touched.

This can be used either with or without a computer attached. When the HyperDuino is not attached to a computer, and is in the self-running mode, each touch sensor turns on a corresponding LED.

Touching sensor 13 changes the group of audio tracks used for the other sensors, so that alternate languages can be used, or other techniques such as long & short explanation, different musical sounds, etc.

With a computer attached and the HyperDuino Media Linker running, tracks will play along with whatever Internet-based media is displayed.  You probably wouldn’t want sound from both the mp3 player and a video, but you might want to have music, narration or other audio accompany “silent” Internet media such as photos, maps, etc. For example, this would be a way to add narration to a Google Maps or Google Earth display.

Connecting to the HyperDuino

If you have version 3 of the HyperDuino, click here for alternate instructions.

If you have the HyperDuino+R (robotics version v4.0 or later) click here for alternate instructions.