HyperDuino Robotics Kit

The HyperDuino Robotics Kit includes the HyperDuino+R board, motors, wheels, infrared and bluetooth remote control to turn virtually anything into a smart car, and to explore different aspects of robotics and coding with iForge, mBlock and other coding systems.

Kit includes:

  1 HyperDuino+R board

  1 Funduino (Arduino Uno R3 equivalent) micro-controller

  1 USB cable

  2 Mixed LED easy-connect ribbon cables

  1 Red LED easy-connect ribbon cable

  1 Blue LED easy-connect ribbon cable

  2 Touch sensor easy-connect ribbon cables

12 Red, Green, Yellow and Blue LEDs (48 total)

  6 Multi-color flashing LEDs

25 Touchpoints (for touch sensing)

20 Extension wires (pin & socket)

  1 Hole-making tool for LEDs

  1 Practice "mini tri-fold" model

  1 Glue stick

  1 9 volt battery & connecting clip

  2 geared motors

  2 wheels

  1 caster wheel

  1 9g servo

  1 4xAA battery case

  4 AA batteries

  1 9v battery

  1 IR remote control & IR receiver

  1 SH-HC-08 bluetooth 4.0 BLE receiver module

  1 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

  2 line-following modules

  3 3-wire connecting cables.

  3 Grove-compatible connecting cables.

  1 philipps/flat screwdriver

  1 set of assembly machine screws, washers, nuts.

Retail Price: $124.95

Early Supporter & School Price: $109.95

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