The HyperDuino Connector Unit

HyperDuino v4.0R

(motor controller version for robotics)

The HyperDuino System

The HyperDuino system is actually 3 distinct parts, and they can even be used separately from one another.

The first part of the system is the HyperDuino "piggy-back board" (also called a "shield") for the Arduino, or any Arduino Uno compatible board (including adapters for the Raspberry Pi). If you're interested in the technical details of the HyperDuino hardware and software, click here for information and features.

For "smart car" robotics projects, and advanced experimentation and invention, the HyperDuino+R board provides the most versatile and efficient platform for the Arduino available.

On the Arduino micro-controller is the HyperDuino Program (firmware), which is a variant of "Standard Firmata" that recognizes the 12 touch sensors of the HyperDuino board.

The HyperDuino Media Linker app is the 3rd part, and interconnects digital media on a Chromebook, or any other device running the Chrome browser, with a physical project.

With the HyperDuino, project building and further experimentation is fun and efficient!

Here is a good overview video by Michael at the Programming Electronics Academy about the HyperDuino and how can be used by educators to support STEM teaching objectives as well as for adding interactivity to dioramas and posterboard projects.