This kit has everything you need to set up your interactive maker project.  Easily and quickly add lights and sensors to school projects, models and art installations. There are enough connecting wires and LEDs for 2 or more projects, depending on how many LEDs you use in each project. The HyperDuino+R can control a maximum of 12 LEDs and watch 12 touch sensors in any one project.  However some projects may use less than these quantities, so you’ll have some available for additional projects. The components can also be reused many times. See the “Additional Supplies & Accessories” for how to purchase additional sets of LEDS, touchpoints and connecting wires.

The HyperDuino+R can be used with any operating system and device that supports the Chrome browser and the Arduino.

For software, you can use the HyperDuino Media Linker app, download instructions for which are included in the HyperDuino+R package.  The HyperDuino+R system also works with other software such as iForge, ArduBlock, Arduino IDE, Firmata Test, HyperStudio, mBlock, Scratch for Arduino, ScratchX for Arduino, Snap4Arduino, and others.

If you're interested in the technical details of the HyperDuino+R hardware and software, click here for information on the features.

HyperDuino+R Starter Kit


The HyperDuino+R Starter Kit Includes:

  1 HyperDuino+R board

  1 Funduino (Arduino Uno R3 equivalent) micro-controller

  1 USB cable

  1 Foam pad to insulate the underside of the Funduino

  2 Mixed LED easy-connect ribbon cables

  1 Red LED easy-connect ribbon cable

  1 Blue LED easy-connect ribbon cable

  2 Touch sensor easy-connect ribbon cables

12 Red, Green, Yellow and Blue LEDs (48 total)

  6 Multi-color flashing LEDs


25 Touchpoints (for touch sensing)

  1 Photocell (light) sensors

  1 Temperature sensor

  1 Active buzzer

  1 Piezo speaker ("passive buzzer")

  2 Pushbutton switches

  1 180-degree servo

  1 Small DC motor

  1 3-wire servo connecting cable

20 Extension wires (pin & socket)

  3 3-wire connecting cables.

  3 Grove-compatible connecting cables.

  1 Hole-making tool for LEDs

  1 Practice "mini tri-fold" model

  1 Glue stick

  1 9 volt battery & connecting clip

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